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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Infant 1: 6 weeks to about 8 months


Our Infant 1 classroom is designed to provide a nurturing and secure environment for our littlest ones, aged 6 weeks to approximately 8 months. This room is specifically tailored for non-mobile infants, ensuring their safety and comfort. Our caring staff attentively tends to their needs, offering gentle interactions and fostering early sensory experiences.

Infant 2: Mobile infants (about 8 months) to 12 months. 

As our infants grow and become mobile (around 8 months), they transition to our Infant 2 room. Here, they embark on an exciting journey of exploration and development. Our dedicated caregivers encourage their newfound mobility, supporting their progress as they crawl, cruise, and take their first steps. We engage them in age-appropriate activities and interactions to stimulate their growing curiosity and motor skills.

Toddler 1: 12 months to 18 months.


In our Toddler 1 classroom, children aged 12 to 18 months begin to explore the world with increasing independence. Our skilled teachers create a stimulating environment where toddlers can engage in imaginative play, develop early language skills, and build foundational social interactions. We foster their emerging self-help skills and encourage their natural curiosity through age-appropriate activities and hands-on exploration.

Toddler 2: 18 months to 24 months. 


​Designed for children aged 18 to 24 months, our Toddler 2 classroom is an engaging space that supports their blossoming independence and emerging language skills. Our dedicated teachers provide a structured yet flexible environment where toddlers can develop their fine and gross motor skills, expand their vocabulary, and practice early problem-solving. We foster their growing autonomy while offering guidance and support.

Twos: 2 years of age


​Our Twos classroom is an exciting space where children aged 2 years embark on an adventure of discovery and learning. We introduce them to a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on their cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Through a blend of structured activities and free play, we encourage their emerging independence and support their potty training journey. Our caring teachers provide a nurturing environment that promotes language development, fine motor skills, and early academic concepts.

Threes: 3 years of age


In our Threes classroom, children aged 3 years thrive in an environment that fosters their continued growth and development. Building upon their previous experiences, we provide a curriculum that encourages their natural curiosity and love for learning. With a focus on kindergarten readiness, we engage them in age-appropriate activities, hands-on exploration, and social interactions that promote problem-solving, pre-reading, and pre-writing skills. Full potty training is a requirement for this class, with pull-ups allowed during naptime.

Fours/Fives: 4 to 5 years of age 


​Our Fours/Fives classroom prepares children aged 4 to 5 years for their transition to kindergarten. Combining the Foundations Curriculum with the Abeka Curriculum, we provide a comprehensive learning experience that nurtures their academic and social development. Through a balance of seat work and free play, our skilled teachers foster a love for learning while enhancing their critical thinking, literacy, numeracy, and social skills. We create a structured and engaging environment that cultivates a strong foundation for future success.

School - Age: kindergarten through 12 years of age


Our School-Age program caters to children from kindergarten through 12 years of age. We offer a convenient bus stop service for Sedalia Elementary School. Our experienced staff provides a safe and enriching space where children can complete homework, engage in age-appropriate activities, and enjoy supervised free play. We offer a variety of stimulating experiences that promote their social, emotional, and intellectual growth, ensuring a seamless transition from school to our program.



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